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Subaru Recalls A Few Million Cars Because of Shampoo?

Due to a flaw in the brake-light switch, Subaru is recalling upwards of 2 million cars. According to the Wall Street Journal (article behind paywall), many ingredients in products like fabric softener, shampoo, and others can emit a chemical that may find its way into the brake-switch and cause it to fail. Now, the brakes should work just fine... Just be careful about the car behind you, they don't know you're stopping.

On a positive note, you've finally got a good excuse to stop doing the laundry and taking showers!


If you've got a Subaru Impreza, Cross-trek or Forrester from 2008-2017, check your VIN on Subaru's recall information page, to find out if your car is included in the recall.

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